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  • Congratulations to Board Member Camilla Stevens for being named 2016 Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education!

    Camilla Stevens

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    In reponse to Statewide concerns regarding lead levels in water supply, the Bound Brook School District conducted a comprehensive water supply analysis.  It was found that there are no concerns with the water supply in the district.  Please click HERE for the report and analysis.


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  • Statement Regarding the Appellate Court Decision

    The Bound Brook School District is extremely disappointed with the decision of the Appellate Division to reverse the well-reasoned decision of Judge Colemen and, thereby, reinstate the Arbitrator’s ruling which will now require the Board to put back into the classroom a teaching staff member found guilty of utilizing his school district computer and school district e-mail account to engage in conduct of a highly inappropriate nature, including sending and receiving nude photographs and soliciting sexual liaisons and services.  The District is particularly disturbed by the Appellate Court’s apparent minimization of the seriousness of a staff member’s inappropriate conduct and behavior towards co-workers.  The District believes that by this decision, the Appellate Court has sent a very clear message that engaging in inappropriate conduct and behavior towards one’s co-workers, even in the presence of students, does not provide a basis for the discipline of a teacher.  The District can only hope that the tenure laws will be reviewed and revised to make sure that teachers who engage in such irresponsible and inappropriate behavior can be removed, and will not be reinstated by Arbitrators who can apparently act without any accountability to the public.  The District and the Board of Education will consider all available options and will take every step possible to protect the students and staff of the District from employees who engage in the type of behavior demonstrated in this matter.  

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    Bound Brook High School 111 West Union Avenue Bound Brook, NJ 08805

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    Office of the Superintendent of Schools


    October 2015

    Dear Bound Brook Parents of Students in Grades 4 Through 12,


    This past spring, the new PARCC College and Career Readiness Test was administered in New Jersey’s classrooms in grades 3 through 11 in English Language Arts and Mathematics. This was the first time schools in New Jersey administered the PARCC assessment that is fully aligned to the more rigorous Common Core Standards, which the State Board of Education adopted in September 2013.


    The more rigorous PARCC test is expected to have dramatically lower student scores statewide. The Department of Education has informed all the school districts in New Jersey to expect very low-test results. These results will also mirror other states throughout the country that are using the PARCC assessment to measure students’ college and career readiness. Our results, here in Bound Brook, will reflect the same declines as those experienced by students statewide. Of course, individual school and student scores will vary.


    These new Common Core Standards are aimed to better prepare New Jersey students for success after high school, specifically to be college or career ready when they graduate. It is important to remember, and to explain to students, that the transition to the new, more rigorous standards will take time. This year’s results are meant to establish a baseline to measure future growth, and it is expected that student performance will grow as they become more familiar with the new standards.


    It is also important to help your student understand how he or she performed on the assessments – both strengths and opportunities for improvement.


    Your child’s principal will provide you with your child’s PARCC Score Report once they are received. Once you have it, some key points you may want to emphasize with your student as you look at their scores together:


    • The standards for learning have changed. They are more demanding and set higher expectations.


    • The test has changed. The test questions are aligned to the standards, and many of the questions are more complex and difficult than in previous years.


    • Explain to your student that if test scores were not as high as expected to not be discouraged. Remember that the test was harder this year, and with time and continued effort, he or she will be able to meet new expectations.


    Please know that the Bound Brook School District views PARCC scores as a small, frequently overrated, measure of a student’s true ability. The BBSD has expressed serious concern over the heightened emphasis upon state testing as well as the validity of the PARCC itself to the NJ Department of Education and NJ State Legislature.


    There is much more to a student than his/her state test score, and the BBSD is committed to the development of the whole child. The whole child philosophy emphasizes not only core knowledge, but also stretches learning aligned to each student’s interests and talents, meaningful engagement in the school community, and strong personal character development. PARCC or no PARCC, the Bound Brook School District will continue to provide the student-centered, meaningful education that will make each child future ready.


    Please do not hesitate to call your child’s principal, or me, if you have any questions or concerns.




    Dr. Daniel Gallagher

    Superintendent of Schools

    Bound Brook School District


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