Bound Brook High School

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    111 West Union Avenue

    Bound Brook, NJ 08805

    Phone: (732) 652-7950

    Fax: (732) 356-6445


    Edward Smith, Principal


    Deborah Pikulin, Secretary to the Principal


    Marc DeMarco, Assistant Principal 


     Sheena Nicholson, Assistant Principal


    Anthony Egan, Athletic Director


    Damaris Colon, Attendance/Athletic Secretary   

    732-652-7950 x3964

    Sally Hoben, School Nurse

    732-652-7950 x3961

    Jessica Luteran, Head of Guidance



    Statement Regarding the Appellate Court Decision

    The Bound Brook School District is extremely disappointed with the decision of the Appellate Division to reverse the well-reasoned decision of Judge Colemen and, thereby, reinstate the Arbitrator’s ruling which will now require the Board to put back into the classroom a teaching staff member found guilty of utilizing his school district computer and school district e-mail account to engage in conduct of a highly inappropriate nature, including sending and receiving nude photographs and soliciting sexual liaisons and services. The District is particularly disturbed by the Appellate Court’s apparent minimization of the seriousness of a staff member’s inappropriate conduct and behavior towards co-workers. The District believes that by this decision, the Appellate Court has sent a very clear message that engaging in inappropriate conduct and behavior towards one’s co-workers, even in the presence of students, does not provide a basis for the discipline of a teacher. The District can only hope that the tenure laws will be reviewed and revised to make sure that teachers who engage in such irresponsible and inappropriate behavior can be removed, and will not be reinstated by Arbitrators who can apparently act without any accountability to the public. The District and the Board of Education will consider all available options and will take every step possible to protect the students and staff of the District from employees who engage in the type of behavior demonstrated in this matter.


    On Sunday, November 22nd, the National Honor Society volunteered with the Somerset County Office of Volunteer Services and provided leaf clean ups for three senior citizens in the Bound Brook/ South Bound Brook area.  They spent over five hours raking and bagging leaves  (we are estimating about 100 bags).  These students exhibited an amazingly positive attitude and provided a great service to these residents.   On another note, the students had planned and executed this activity themselves as a form of team building for the group.

NHS Fall Clean Up
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