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Enter To Learn, Go Forth To Serve


    111 West Union Avenue

    Bound Brook, NJ 08805

    Phone: (732) 652-7950

    Fax: (732) 356-6445


    Edward Smith, Principal


    Deborah Pikulin, Secretary to the Principal


    Marc DeMarco, Assistant Principal 


     Sheena Nicholson, Assistant Principal


    Anthony Egan, Athletic Director


    Damaris Colon, Attendance/Athletic Secretary   

    732-652-7950 x3964

    Sally Hoben, School Nurse

    732-652-7950 x3961

    Jessica Luteran, Head of Guidance



    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    As a part of updating our three year technology plan, Bound Brook High School is participating in a Digital Learning Readiness Report for New Jersey schools. The NJTRAx Digital Learning Readiness Report will be based on the responses of individuals in six different roles within the school community – Student, Parent/Guardian, Teacher, School Administrator, Information Technology Coordinator, and Educational Technology Coordinator. We are asking you to participate as a Parent/Guardian. The survey should only take 10 -12 minutes. Your participation is extremely important. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at 732-652-7959.  Thank you!

    Please access the survey via the following link:

    Bound Brook High School Survey Code: Baboon784

    The survey closes February 19th.

    Estimados padres/tutores,

    Como parte de la actualización de nuestro plan tecnológico de tres años, El colegio Lafayette está participando en un Informe disponibilidad de Aprendizaje Digital para los colegios  de New Jersey. El informe de la Disposición de Aprendizaje Digital se basa en las respuestas de los individuos en seis diferentes roles dentro de la comunidad escolar: alumno, padre/tutor, profesor, administrador del colegio, Coordinador de información Tecnologica y Coordinador de Tecnología Educativa. Les pedimos que  participen como padres/tutores. La encuesta debe tardar sólo de 10  a 12 minutos. Su participación es muy importante. Si tiene alguna pregunta, póngase en contacto conmigo directamente al 732-652-7959. Gracias!

    Acceda a la encuesta a través del siguiente enlace:

    Código: Baboon784

    La encuesta cierra el 19 de febrero


    The National Honor Society is an organization that recognizes outstanding students from grades 10 through 12. It was formed in 1921 as a result of the desire of educators to promote student excellence. The Bound Brook High School chapter was founded in June, 1962. The pillars of the Society are Scholarship, Character, Service, and Leadership.    Today the National Honor Society is one of the most recognizable co curricular student activities in American High Schools with a membership of over 1,000,000 students in all 50 states.

    On December 1, 2015, the BBHS National Honor Society held its induction ceremony.  Twenty two new members were inducted into the society.  They are:  Emely Cortes, Daniela Cruz, Erin Doherty, Giselle Escalante, Hasina Griffin, Maria Guerrero, Rachael Lukacs, Dennis Martinez, Naomi Martinez, Samantha Martinez, Olivia Nilsen, Caroline Petrusky, Liliana Ramirez, Marianne Riquelme, Laura Suarez, Joseph Solis, Juan Santiago, Jordan Todaro, Megan Tomaselli, Julissa Tonche, Diamond Tucker and Earnest Cardell Wiggins III.  Congratulations to the new inductees!

NHS Induction 2015
Crusaders of the Month
  • January

    Freshman-Cire Riddick
    Sophomore-Cesar Lopez
    Junior-Ashley Gallagher 
    Senior-Jonathan Valle

December Teacher of the Month
  • December Teacher of the Month-Ms. Lauren Atlas

  • On Sunday, November 22nd, the National Honor Society volunteered with the Somerset County Office of Volunteer Services and provided leaf clean ups for three senior citizens in the Bound Brook/ South Bound Brook area.  They spent over five hours raking and bagging leaves  (we are estimating about 100 bags).  These students exhibited an amazingly positive attitude and provided a great service to these residents.   On another note, the students had planned and executed this activity themselves as a form of team building for the group.

NHS Fall Clean Up
NHS Fall Clean Up 2
Mr. Smith as the "Guest Reader" at Lafayette School

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