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    April 14th, 18th-PARCC (ELA)

    • 9th, 10th, and 11th Grade Test Takers will report to the High School by 7:35 am at the latest, and go directly to your Period 1 Class.
    • Seniors will report to the High School by 9:05 am at the latest, and enter through the cafeteria doors.

    April 19th-PARCC (ELA)

    • 9th, 10th, and 11th Grade Test Takers will report to the High School by 7:35 am at the latest, and go directly to your Period 1 Class.

    ***Seniors report to school at 7:35 am. Then,  they will be escorted to the LaMonte Football Field for their Senior Picture, so PLEASE WEAR RED.***


    April 20th, and 21st-PARCC (Mathematics)

    • 9th, 10th, and 11th Grade Test Takers will report to the High School by 7:35 am at the latest, and go directly to your Period 1 Class.
    • Seniors will report to the High School by 9:05 am at the latest, and enter through the cafeteria doors.

    April 22nd-PARCC (Mathematics)

    • All students Grades 9-12 will report to the High School during the normal scheduled time (7:35 am). We will follow a modified bell schedule for the day, and the last unit of the math assessment will be administered during the last two hours of the school day.
    • Seniors will be dismissed at 12:36 pm. All 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students will remain in school for the duration of the assessment.

    Bound Brook High School Testing Day Requirements:

    On assessment days, the following is required of all students being tested:

    1. Students must bring their fully charged iPadto school and iPad charger.
    2. Students must also bring earbuds or headphonesfor the audio portions of the tests.
    3. Every student must present a Bound Brook High School ID card or a driver’s licenseeach day of testing to verify identity.
    4. Students should have nothing with them other than their fully charged iPad, iPad charger, earbuds, and their student ID or driver’s license.
    5. NJDOE directives prohibit backpacks, handbags, cell phones, any other electronic devices, food, and water bottles in the testing areas. Please remind your child to leave these items in their lockers during testing.
    6. Students are permitted to bring a book to read after they have completed their assessment.
    7. Attendance will be taken in each testing room daily. However, students should report to their Period 1 class for Breakfast, and will then be dismissed to their testing room. ***Students must report directly to their Period 1 class each morning at 7:35 AM.***
    8. Students who miss any section due to illness will be advised by their guidance counselor concerning make-up testing dates and location for the specific test that was missed.
    9. Students will be advised of their testing location prior to the day of testing and posters detailing student testing locations will be available in the hallways, by the main entrance and the Guidance Office. Please note that testing locations will vary for the Math and English Language Arts sessions.

    The testing schedule that has been created allows our students to test in classrooms rather than in large groups, which ensures optimal academic conditions for all students who are taking these high stakes assessments, while still being able to maintain a normal academic schedule for the remainder of the day. 

    Again, please be reminded that all students must present a valid form of ID and that NJDOE directives prohibit backpacks, handbags, cell phones, any other electronic devices, food, and water bottles in the testing areas.



    Bound Brook High School. 111 West Union Avenue. Bound Brook, NJ 08805 tel: 732-652-7950x3598 fax: 732-271-5250


     Dear Parents/Guardians:

    This spring will be the second year of the administration of the PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) assessments, which test students’ knowledge of the Common Core State Standards, implemented in 2010. The testing dates for Grades 9-11 will be April 14 - April 21, 2016 for students enrolled in Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II and students in English 9, 10 and 11.  Testing will be held in the morning and once testing is completed, students will follow a special schedule.  Non-testing students can report to school by 9:05am. On April 19, 2016, students will have a half day. Non-testing students will report to school by 7:35am and follow a half day schedule.

    For the 2016 administration, the previous two testing windows have been consolidated into one, so PARCC will only be given in April on the dates listed above. In addition, the total testing time has been reduced by about 90 minutes.

    Though there was pushback last year, the State of New Jersey is proceeding with PARCC as its state standardized test as it believes the assessment has many advantages.  Some of these advantages include: a more thorough academic measurement tool, providing parents with more comprehensive feedback on their child’s academic progress, and reducing college remediation.  The PARCC assessment will allow students to demonstrate their current progress in meeting the standards for literacy and mathematic knowledge and skills set by the state of New Jersey and our local Bound Brook Board of Education for all students. Individual score reports can provide detailed analysis of each student’s academic strengths and areas for growth in these core disciplines and help students, parents, and teachers make informed decisions regarding academic programs to meet individual needs. As a reminder, statewide assessments are part of a student’s state-required educational program and we expect and encourage all students to take the PARCC.

    For additional information on PARCC and state assessments for New Jersey students, please visit the NJ

    Department of Education resource page at

    Over the past few weeks, our teachers have reviewed the PARCC tutorials and sample test problems to ensure that all students are comfortable using the various online tools associated with the tests as well as familiar with the types of questions they will encounter.



     April 14

    ELA Unit 1

    110 Minutes

     April 15

    No Testing-Field Trip

     April 18

    ELA Unit 2

    110 Minutes

    April 19 HALF DAY/SENIOR ASSEMBLY (Full Day Staff)

    ELA Unit 3a

    110 Mins

    ELA Unit 3b


    April 20

    Math Unit 1

    90 Mins

    April 21

    Math Unit 2

    90 mins

    April 22 (afternoon testing)

    Math Unit 3

    90 Mins

    Please visit our PARCC resources webpage for further information, click here 

    Again we want to express our confidence in all learning taking place in the Bound Brook School District and in our children’s ability to perform well, as they have in the past, on this current state testing, PARCC. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. If you have concerns about your child taking PARCC, please refer them to your child’s principal.


    Edward Smith





    Bound Brook High School. 111 West Union Avenue. Bound Brook, NJ 08805 tel: 732-652-7950x3598 fax: 732-271-5250


    Estimados Padres/Tutores:

    Esta primavera será el segundo año de la administración de la PARCC (Asociación para la Evaluación de la Preparación para la Universidad y Carreras) evaluaciones, que pone a prueba a los alumnos en su conocimiento de los Estándares Comunes Estatales, implementados en el 2010. Las fechas de las pruebas para el Grado 9 - 11 serán del 14 de Abril al 21 de Abril del 2016 para los alumnos cursando Algebra I, Geometría y Algebra II y alumnos cursando Inglés 9, 10 y 11. Las pruebas se llevarán a cabo en la mañana y una vez que se haya completado la prueba, los alumnos seguirán un horario de entrada tarde.

    Los alumnos que no tomen el examen pueden reportarse al colegio a las 9:05 am. El 19 de Abril del 2016 los alumnos tendrán medio dia. Los alumnos que no tomen el examen deben reportarse al colegio a las 7:35 am y seguir el horario de medio dia de clases.

    Para la prueba del 2016, los dos prueba se han consolidado en una sola, por lo que PARCC sólo se tomará en Abril en las fechas indicadas anteriormente. Además, el tiempo total de la prueba se ha reducido alrededor de 90 minutos.

    Aunque hubo retroceso el año pasado, el Estado de New Jersey está procediendo con PARCC como su examen estandarizado del estado, ya que considera que la evaluación tiene muchas ventajas. Algunas de estas ventajas incluyen: una herramienta más completa de medición académica, proporcionando a los padres con la información más completa sobre el progreso académico de sus hijos, y la reducción de la remediación de la universidad. La evaluación PARCC permitirá que los alumnos demuestren su progreso actual en el cumplimiento de las Normas para la competencia y el conocimiento matemático y habilidades establecidas por el estado de New Jersey y nuestra Junta de Educación de Bound Brook/. Informes de resultados individuales pueden proporcionar un análisis detallado de las fortalezas y las áreas académicas de cada alumno para el crecimiento en estas disciplinas básicas y ayudar a los alumnos, padres, profesores tomar decisiones informadas con respecto a los programas académicos para satisfacer las necesidades individuales. Les recordamos que las evaluaciones del estado son parte del programa educativo que el estado tiene como requisito para un alumno y que esperan y animan a todos los alumnos a tomar la prueba del. PARCC.

    Para más información del PARCC y para evaluaciones del estado para alumnos de for New Jersey, por favor visiten la página de recursos del Departamento de Educación de NJ

    Durante las últimas semanas, nuestros profesores han revisado los tutoriales de PARCC y los problemas de práctica para asegurarse que todos los alumnos se sientan cómodos utilizando las diversas herramientas en línea asociadas con las pruebas y para asegurarse de que los alumnos estén familiarizados con los tipos de preguntas que encontrarán


    14 de Abril

    Unidad 1 ELA (110 mins)

    15 de Abril

    no prueba (excursion)

    18 de Abril

    Unidad 2 ELA (110 Mins)

    19 de Abril MEDIO DIA /Asamblea para el grado 12

    Unidad 3a ELA - Examen (110mins)

    Unidad 3b ELA - Examen (90-110 mins)

    20 de Abril

    Unidad 1 de Matemáticas (90 Mins)

    21 de Abril

    Unidad 2 de Matemáticas (90 Mins)

    22 de Abril (las pruebas de la tarde)

    Unidad 3 de Matemáticas (90 Mins)

    Por favor visitar la página web de recursos de PARCC para más información:

    Una vez más, queremos expresar nuestra confianza en el aprendizaje que se lleva a cabo en el Distrito Escolar de Bound Brook y en la capacidad de nuestros hijos para un buen desempeño, como lo han hecho en el pasado, en esta prueba de estado actual, PARCC. Como siempre, por favor no duden en ponerse en contacto con nosotros si tienen alguna pregunta. Si usted tiene preocupaciones acerca de su hijo y la prueba de PARCC, por favor comuníquese con el director de su hijo.


    Edward Smith


Crusaders of the Month
  • Crusader Citizens of the Month

    Gabe Garza: Freshman

    Kenia Callejas: Sophomore

    Daniel Allen: Junior

    Marilyn Vanegas: Senior

Rachael Lukacs
  • Rachael Lukacs, a sophomore at Bound Brook High School, took 1st at the 2016 Nastia Liukin Cup. This is one of USA Jr. Olympic Gymnastics most prestige meets. Only 18 senior gymnasts qualify for this meet. Rachael was in 6th place going into the last rotation vault. She was also the last competitor to compete. Rachael competed the most difficult vault of the night, a double twisting yurchanko. Rachael scored a near perfect score a 9.9, thus winning the Nastia Liukin Cup. This was televised and can be found on YouTube or USA Gymnastics along with interviews.

High Honor Roll
Honor Roll
  • Samantha Martinez competed in the Group 1 Central Jersey Sectional Championships in Toms River where she placed 1st with a height of 9 feet. She was later informed that I was one height away from breaking the meet record.

Samantha Martinez
FebruaryTeacher of the Month
  • February Teacher of the Month-Mrs. Geanna Trelease

Mr. Smith as the "Guest Reader" at Lafayette School

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